Issues and Advocacy

Advocating for our members and promoting the construction industry to legislators and policymakers is an important priority for Rocky Mountain MCA. We work with elected officials and government agencies at the state and local levels to encourage investment in building infrastructure and the development of sound policies that will lead to job creation and a thriving economy. We will continue to track, analyze and lobby bills with impact to the mechanical, plumbing and HVACR industry and keep members apprised of the issues and bills affecting their business.

As part of our efforts, Rocky Mountain MCA commissions and distributes an annual Colorado Capital Construction Report. This report serves to outline the economic impact of the construction industry in Colorado and educate policymakers about the importance of investment in capital construction and controlled maintenance.

2022 Election Recap

Get the latest updates on the 2022 Midterm elections. We’ve provided an in-depth analysis of the General Election from our lobbyists at BBMK, as well as information on the 2022 Leadership at the Capitol. Read the synopsis’ below or take a listen to our latest podcast episode to learn more!

                          With the conclusion of the 2022 legislative session, here are key bills that will have the largest impact on our industry: 

For a recap of the 2022 session 


HB22-1026 Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit 

*HB22-1027 Sales Tax Destination Sourcing Rules Exception

*HB22-1039 Sales & Use Tax Exemption Form Simplification 

HB22-1416 Property Tax Administrative Procedures 

SB22-006 Sales Tax Assistance for Small Business

*SB22-032 Simplify Local Sales & Use Tax Administration 

SB22-035 Coverage Levels for Occupational Accident Insurance

*SB22-115  Clarifying Terms Related to Landowner Liability 

SB22-193 Air Quality Improvements Investments

*SB22-238 2023-2024 Property Tax 


HB22-1138 Reduce Employee Single-Occupancy Vehicle Trips 

HB22-1152 Prohibit Employer Adverse Action Marijuana Use  

HB22-1362 Building Greenhouse Gas Emissions

HB22-1363 Accountability to Taxpayers Special Districts 

SB22-136 Special District Governance 

SB22-138 Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Colorado 

SB22-161 Wage Theft Employee Misclassification Enforcement 

* Bill has been signed


Questions or comments regarding the advocacy positions please contact at Monica Colbert-Burton at