Issues and Advocacy

Advocating for our members and promoting the construction industry to legislators and policymakers is an important priority for Rocky Mountain MCA. We work with elected officials and government agencies at the state and local levels to encourage investment in building infrastructure and the development of sound policies that will lead to job creation and a thriving economy. We will continue to track, analyze and lobby bills with impact to the mechanical, plumbing and HVACR industry and keep members apprised of the issues and bills affecting their business.

As part of our efforts, Rocky Mountain MCA commissions and distributes an annual Colorado Capital Construction Report. This report serves to outline the economic impact of the construction industry in Colorado and educate policymakers about the importance of investment in capital construction and controlled maintenance.

Top News

Opinion: Proposed clean air rules could create commercial building crisis

“Colorado’s construction, real estate, and building management communities all support the state’s goal of improving commercial properties’ energy performance and efficiency in the Denver metro area and around the rest of Colorado.”  Read here

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                                                                                                                   2023 Bill Position

                                                                                                        See the Results From Session 


HB 23-1017: Electronic Sales And Use Tax Simplification System-Passed

HB 23-1035: Statute Of Limitations Minimum Wage Violations-Postponed

HB 23-1127: Customer’s Right To Use Energy-Postponed

SB 23-110: Transparency For Metropolitan Districts-Passed


HB 23-1078: Unemployment Compensation Dependent Allowance-Lost

HB 23-1090: Limit Metropolitan District Director Conflicts-Lost 

HB 23-1115: Repeal Prohibition Local Residential Rent Control-Lost



HB 23-1118: Fair Workweek Employment Standards-Lost

HB 23-1065: Local Government Independent Ethics Commission-Lost

HB 23-1105: Homeowners’ Association And Metropolitan District Homeowners’
Rights Task Forces-Passed 

HB 23-1161: Environmental Standards For Appliances -Passed 

HB 23-1134: Require Electric Options In Home Warranties -Passed

SB 23-016: Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Measures -Passed

SB 23-058: Job Application Fairness Act -Passed 

SB 23-051: Conforming Workforce Development Statutes -Passed

Questions or comments regarding the advocacy positions please send to [email protected]