TradesWork! and the @WhyTradesWork social channels are a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association to educate, encourage, and elevate the purpose, potential and benefits of trades and utilizing union trades workers. This platform supports workforce and projection connections.

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TradesWork! for Your Project, Your Community and Your Skyline

Workplace Safety

Preventing injury and property damage is vital for project success and a pillar of accomplishment for labor unions. Learn more about union safety performance:

Quality of work

With the assurance that workers are properly educated and trained, work quality will always meet project expectations.

Speed… On Time

Dependable labor is not easy to acquire. Union labor supports project efficiency allowing for project completion on time and on budget. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for speed.

Highly Trained & Highly Skilled

  • Affiliated with 5 different training facilities
    • Numerous hours of training
    • Dedicated time in classroom to hone craft

TradesWork! for you and for your career.

Earn while you learn.

From Day 1, apprenticeship students earn a salary while they learn the skills they need to build a successful career.

Hands-on experience and on-the-job learning are the hallmarks of our programs. Students spend 90% of their time outside of the classroom mastering the skills the job market demands.

Graduation is just the beginning.

Land a job. We work closely with all of our graduates to find a job that matches their skill. In fact, we have a 98% placement rate of our graduates.

No debt. The rising cost of a four-year degree has left students in debt and making loan payments for years. Our graduates not only graduate with no debt, they graduate with valuable, sought after skills.

Salary. The average salary and benefits package for our graduates is $75,000 per year. With more experience and additional skill, this number will quickly grow to six figures.

Build a career.

Lifelong learning opportunities provide our graduates with options to chart a career path that matches their long range goals – from journey man to project manager to CEO, the world is at their fingertips. Economic Impact data 

Building the community.

Simply put, trades build our communities. The satisfaction our graduates receive when they see the skyline they helped build is constantly mentioned as one of the best things about their career.

Did You Know?

A Career In Trades